Before registering please go through all the rules and regulations of the event . Registering yourself will infer that you agree to all the rules and regulations of the event.


1) The Event is a Talent Hunt Competition where various people can showcase their talents individually or in pairs or in groups. Each Participant(s) competes against the other Participant(s) and a qualifying Participant(s) shall proceed to the next levels of the competition of the Event, as per the format of the Event.

2) HTH will have Rs.200 as registration amount for the participants. (In case of a group/team performance, only one candidate will have to pay and register  for it .)

3) This registration process for HTH has been started, for the Participant(s) from 14th August 2018 to 27th August 2018. During the Period, the Participant(s)shall be required to submit the registration entries for participating in the Audition for the Event. Any entry sent or furnished by the Participant(s) after this period shall not be considered and shall stand rejected.

4) Registration Fee once paid will not be refunded and loss of registration slip downloaded at the time of successful payment may result in loss of candidature. Kindly take a print after the payment and carry it along with you to obtain a pass to audition room

5) Any false information in Registration Form will lead to disqualification at any stages of the events.

6) All the jurisdiction rights related to any discrepancy, misbehavior, etc. by participants lie within hands of Coordinators of HTH. At any point of time, the candidature can be cancelled in case of any discrepancy without any prior notice.

7) Nothing apart from general requirements will be given to participants. Candidates will have to make their arrangements for dresses and other necessities (if required).

8) Candidates can fill registration form as many times if he/she wants to showcase his many talents, but if he/she have filled form once he/she will be judged on only one talent.

9) Participant(s) will be given their passes consisting their audition room number & timing at the reception about their screening time at the venue and every candidate must reach the venue before or at 8:00 A.M. sharp and collect their chest code paper.

10) If the Participant(s) is/are below 18 (eighteen) years of age (“Minor”), then, the registration herein, should be done with the prior consent and knowledge of the parents/legal guardians and all obligations, responsibility and undertaking should be complied by such Participant(s) parent/legal guardian. Coordinators shall have the authority and right to disqualify any Participant(s), at any point in time, if it comes to knowledge that such Participant(s) had participated without the due consent, knowledge and awareness of his/her/their parent or legal guardian and/or the Participant(s) is in breach of any conditions or undertakings herein stated.

11) With respect to registration herein, if Participant(s) desirous of registering in this Audition is 18 years of age and above, then in such event, the registration can be done by the Participant(s) themselves and such Participant(s) shall be solely responsible to register, duly file and comply with the Rules and Regulations mentioned herein.

12) Prize money is subject to change, as per the sponsorship and all the rights relate to changing of prize many remains in hands of DCRUST authority.

13) Candidates must go through all the guidelines/rules carefully. Registering for event will automatically infer that candidate agree to all the above mentioned terms and conditions.